Why does it taste so good every time?

Here at Chai Karak we understand how important a cup of tea is, that’s why we use hight quality blends making the taste full of richness with 100% natural flavours. With our unique traditional family recipe you are guaranteed to get the taste of satisfaction every time; all you need to do is add water!

Enjoy Karak Chai in an Instant

YES! You read it correct, all you have to do is Just add Hot water because we havedone the hard work for you. No need for strainers, pans and all the spills only to forget there’s no milk at home!! We have it all covered.

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Our Vending Machines

We understand the importance a warm beverage has in day-to-day office environment. Whether its a stressful project, or late office hours, post lunch drowsiness or simply a boring conference. Vending machines guarantee a quick boost to your employees!
Our Machines are easy to use & quick to dispense, The menu comprises of the selected hot favorites for your refreshment needs. Whether your company has 10 or 1000 employees, we can fulfill your vending needs. our machines are built with the advanced technology and assures best in class performance for your customized needs

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